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    Virtual realities and real virtualities
    (Bilkent University, 2002) Telhan, Orkan
    This study endeavors to explicate different conceptions of virtuality in relation to the concept of technology. Departing from the popular conceptions of virtuality discussed within the framework of digital technologies, the study aims to elaborate on the subject within different contexts where the nature of virtuality is not confined to a specific definition but expanded within all different considerations. The nature of relation between virtuality and reality is discussed under the influence of a number of complimentary conceptions introduced by G. Deleuze and H. Bergson.
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    From feminine writing to feminine painting
    (Bilkent University, 2006) Tokdemir, Itır
    This thesis derives form Hélène Cixous’ conception of “l’écriture féminine”. Using this concept, art works created by Marina Abramovic and Tracey Emin were analyzed. In relation to the concept of “l’écriture féminine”, an attempt at “la péinture feminine” is proposed. Under the concept of “la péinture feminine” art works were created.
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    The formation of Alevi syncretism
    (Bilkent University, 2006) Selmanpakoğlu, Ceren
    The aim of this study is to explore the formation of Alevi syncretism by examining historical facts and religious interactions. By understanding how Alevis adapted various cultural, religious and social phenomena, and how they have reflected these phenomena on their practices and social representation, almost ten-century-old heterodox Alevi syncretism’s nature will be comprehended. Since the Cem Ceremony signifies the reflection and representation of all influential features’ unification, it has a significant role in Alevi understanding. The concept of syncretism, which indicates Alevis’ opposition to the concepts like ‘true faith’ and ‘absolute Truth’ of orthodoxy, reveals itself throughout the study. Like in the notion of birlik (oneness) of God-human-universe, with its inextricable components Alevism represents the ‘unity’ of all religious and political features that contributed to its formation.
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    Virtualization of design and production
    (Bilkent University, 2006) Erdener, Başar
    This study aims to make an analysis on the meaning of products with regards to recent developments in design and production technologies. The notions of the use, exchange and sign values of products are aimed to be questioned and explored through relevant instances within the consumption logic. Mass customization, as an outcome of recent advances in technology is argued through its effects on the meaning and presentations of products within the market. It is also discussed in this thesis how the computer aided design and manufacturing affects the mode of production and how this reflects on the representations of products that we encounter.
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    The pure possibility of Immanuel Kant's aesthetics
    (Bilkent University, 2006) Ayas, Tuğba
    This study aims at evaluating the aesthetic views of Immanuel Kant. The experience of the beautiful and that of the sublime are discussed. The experience of the beautiful is analysed with respect to the faculties of imagination and understanding and the notion of free play. The experience of sublime is defined as the moment of facing the transcendental I as the original condition of all possible human experience.
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    The dynamic interaction between advertising and popular culture : a case study on Ixir TV commercials
    (Bilkent University, 2006) Seçmeer, Bahar
    In the scope of the thesis, the “advertising” concept--rather than its economic dimension-- is taken as a matter of culture under the form of popular culture, serving as a repository for social and cultural data. How the dynamic interaction and the mutually exclusive culture generation among advertising and popular culture takes place is examined upon the latest commercials for validity and up to datedness. Furthermore, İxir TV commercials, because of their periodical importance, rich content and popularity are chosen as the sample case for further investigations.
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    Looking through the printmaking : site specific screenprint
    (Bilkent University, 2006) Özmenoğlu, Ardan
    The aim of this study is to explore the possibilities of how the surface of the background affects the foreground, which is the image of my face. When viewing an image produced by the printmaking process it can be seen that while surface is a part of the image, reciprocally, the image becomes a part of the surface. The projects I have conceived and implemented were based on exploring this phenomenon of the reciprocal interaction of image and canvas. The invisible support of the surface becomes visible. The reading of the art works is as background to the study, such as concepts of face, as in the face does not belong to the body, and surface as in the oscillation between beneath and above. Finally, I will discuss my screen prints in terms of techniques and especially, of the aforementioned concepts of Face and Surface.
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    Technology as prosthesis : A critical account of mankind's involvement with technology
    (Bilkent University, 2001) Savaşçı, Ayşe Nur
    This thesis aims to discuss the prosthetic quality of technology whilst considering prosthesis as a ‘concept’ in debt to a series of problematics that exceed the common definition of the word in the medical context. Departing from Freudian theory and criticism, the prosthetic quality of technology is taken into hand in relation to certain anxieties and instincts that stamp the construction of subjecthood. Additionally, the dilemma embedded in the psychical ‘program’ that ascribes a prosthetic quality to technology, is depicted with reference to a further discussion on technology and prosthesis.
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    Subvertising versus advertising : a semiotical analysis of the culture jamming act
    (Bilkent University, 2005) Önal, Banu
    This study examines the act of Culture Jamming on the basis of semiotic theory mainly by Ferdinand de Saussure and Roland Barthes. Accordingly, the analysis based on the examination of existing Culture Jamming examples. Depending on the related issues of Culture Jamming as a social phenomenon, history of advertising, ideology and propaganda are explored. This study also includes practical side that is conducted to a better understanding the act of Culture Jamming.
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    Printed advertisement and web advertisement : a comparative study on design characteristics of both media
    (Bilkent University, 2005) Çuhadar, Gökçe
    This thesis compares two forms of media advertising; printed advertising and advertising designed for the web, and covers the elements of design, the principles of design, and the experimental design aspects of the two mediums by means of the question “Do the principles of printed advertising design apply to web advertising?”
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    Spectral images : "Dispossessed family photographs" circulating in antique markets in Turkey
    (Bilkent University, 2005) Aytemiz, Pelin
    This study is an attempt to make sense of family photographs that are circulating in antique markets in Turkey. The phenomenon of “dispossessed family photographs” is examined on the basis of the critical literature on photography mainly by Walter Benjamin and Roland Barthes. Depending on this theoretical framework, this study examines the discourse of antique sellers/collectors about “dispossessed family photographs” and the field that these photographs are circulating in. The discourse of antique sellers/collectors suggests that, “dispossessed photographs” have an elusive quality both in the minds of people and in the antique domain.
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    Remediating the data : a study on the interactive dimensions in new media
    (Bilkent University, 2005) Şenova, Funda
    This thesis analyses the role of interface in altering perception and customizing interaction in new media. It comprehends the correlation of theory and practice while probing into the current debate by means of examples and case studies. The general structure of this research is based on the objectives of interactivity in cultural and social levels. In each level, interactivity is analyzed through function, operation oriented and design-wise aspects of new media. This study focuses on the interactive dimensions in new media and their affects on the user’s perception and engagement within a digitally framed work.
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    Ethics and aesthetics in the philosophy of Alain Badiou
    (Bilkent University, 2005) Yalım, P. Burcu
    The supposed impossibility of achieving a form of rational agency for action is the prevailing critique against contemporary theories of representaion. Alain Badiou’s philosophy appears to solve this problem by assigning a subject-form and not a substantial subject as such as rational agency and by filling in the space of truth left empty by the declaration of the end of philosophy with a new universality of truth subject to temporality. Yet this apparent duality of form and content pertaining to subjectivity, and the manner in which time and history are constructed in Badiou’s theory of truth signal the return of a certain transcendence, and the very abolishment of the time which appears to be thus constructed. This thesis aims to make a critical discussion on Alain Badiou’s philosophy through his fifteen theses on art, as the return of classical philosophy and to rise the ethical stakes involved in putting forth a philosophy based upon truth.
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    Mapping out socio-cultural transformations through food packaging design in Turkey : a case study
    (Bilkent University, 2005) Karamullaoğlu, Nazife
    Exploration of the impact of socio-cultural transformations in the development of food packaging design and brand identity in Turkey, in the post-1980 period, is the focus of this research. Accordingly, this thesis explores the related and broad issues of modernization and convergence; globalization, consumption contexts and culture; internationalization of retailing; postmodernism and aestheticized (conspicuous) consumption in parallel with developments in food packaging design and brand identity. All these are tied and analyzed in a case study where in the collected samples, developments in domestic and foreign food packaging design and the corresponding brand identities are socio-semiotically related to the transformations in socio-cultural context in Turkey. Socio-semiotic method of analysis, along with visual style analysis, has provided a study of images in their social and material context which is in accordance with this field of research.
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    Language, origin and mimesis : a particular reading of the relationship between word and image
    (Bilkent University, 2004) Kasap, Çağrı Barış
    In the historical affinity of West, language has always been ‘erected’ as a construct of Idea (sign/presence/speech/logos). In this ‘logocentric teleology’ (Derrida), opposition between nature and institution, play of differences between symbol, sign, image etc. is a naïve conceptualization of representation, an uncritical opposition between sensible and intelligible, between soul and body proper and the diversity of sense functions. By the creative links found among various authors such as Walter Benjamin, Theodor Adorno, Gilles Deleuze, Philippe Lacoue- Labarthe, Jacques Derrida, and Jean-Luc Nancy, through the inscription of the belowmentioned keywords found in their numerous studies, this thesis is a theoretical survey of how the erection or the usage of language that has an absolute link with God’s logos that belongs to a particular history and time, can be deconstructed. As a prospect, it, further, will be promised that certain authors in the history of literature, who have been condemned according to their distance from the logos, instead of being rendered in passivity, can be studied by the pathway followed and developed by this thesis.
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    Ambivalent and shifting codes of fear and desire in Dracula movies
    (Bilkent University, 2004) Özkaracalar, Kaya
    This study, which takes Robin Wood’s methodology to find the answer to the question ‘what does the monster stand for?’ as its base with certain nuances, investigates the ambivalent and shifting sets of connotations embedded in Dracula movies. The main focus is on the sexual and sexuality-related connotations involving fear and desire. A secondary set of connotations related to Otherness attributed to foreign cultures is also investigated. The study aims to delineate the degree and the limits of variance across time and across different cinematic spaces.
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    Another approach to cinema : Bergson minus Deleuze
    (Bilkent University, 2004) Salman, Selda
    In this work, cinema has been investigated philosophically through the ideas of Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze, who uses Bergson’s ideas as a basis in his cinema books The Time-Image and The Movement-Image. To clarify the effect of Bergson in Deleuze’s works, a detailed account of Bergsonian philosophy has been investigated. After stating Bergson’s philosophy, the trace of his philosophical terms are revealed in Deleuze’s cinema books, and thereby a critique of Deleuze’s Bergsonian approach has been developed by pointing out that Deleuze does not consider Bergson’s philosophical terms, which are efficient enough to consider cinema philosophically, and implants his own concepts into Bergsonian approach.
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    A historical comparative analysis of family images in "detergent" "soft drink" and "margarine" advertisements on Turkish television
    (Bilkent University, 2004) Alagöz, Gizem
    “Family” image and its meaning in Turkish culture is going to be examined through the analysis of television advertisements in two different time periods, which are late 1980s and present time. Through the comparison, the differences are further investigated according to approaches based upon the critiques Stuart Ewen and Gillian Dyer.
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    Figuring the orient : a discussion of orientalism within the context of Ferzan Özpetek's films
    (Bilkent University, 2004) Engin, Evrim
    This study aims to inaugurate a thorough reading of two films by Ferzan Özpetek that employ Orient as their setting and major narrative element, Hamam (1997) and Harem Suare (1999), to examine their complicity with the Orientalist practices of representation. The discussion is informed by just as it responds to some of the crucial issues within postcolonial theory. Inspired by the deconstructive critique, the intrinsic relation between the Orientalist discourse and the general economy of Western subject formation has been elaborated through the analysis of the films. A three-fold approach has been pursued to be able to diagnose the latent Orientalism signing the films, since three constitutive moments authorize the attempt of giving a static form to the Orient. Therefore visual, aural and sexual registers of the Orientalist figuration has been explored.
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    The simulacrum surfaced : a study on the nature of the image
    (Bilkent University, 2004) Erlevent, Evren
    This study aims at understanding the nature of the visual image through discussing the notion of 'simulacrum' within the philosophy of Plato, Baudrillard and Deleuze and trying to locate its importance within the representational system of models and copies. The notion of imitation and representation is found problematic in explaining the fascination within visual imagery and Deleuze’s term ‘becoming’ is suggested as more appropriate. It is discussed in this thesis how the simulacrum threatens and destabilizes model/copy relations of representation through its role in Deleuze’s ‘sensation.’