Phononic band gap and wave propagation on multiferroic-based acoustic metamaterials


In the present work, the acoustic band structure of a two-dimensional (2D) phononic crystal containing a multiferroic and liquid were investigated by the plane-wave-expansion method. 2D PnC with triangular and honeycomb lattices composed of LiCu2O4 cylindrical rods embedded in the seawater matrix are studied to find the existence of stop bands for the waves of certain energy. Phononic band diagram ω=ω(k) for a 2D PC, in which nondimensional frequencies ωa/2πc (c-velocity of wave) were plotted versus the wavevector k along the г-X-M-г path in the Brillouin zone show few stop bands in the frequency range between 10 and 110 kHz.

Multiferroic, Phononic crystal, Metamaterial, Equi-frequency surface, Group velocity