Psychological parameters for crowd simulation: from audiences to mobs

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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

In the social psychology literature, crowds are classified as audiences and mobs. Audiences are passive crowds, whereas mobs are active crowds with emotional, irrational and seemingly homogeneous behavior. In this study, we aim to create a system that enables the specification of different crowd types ranging from audiences to mobs. In order to achieve this goal we parametrize the common properties of mobs to create collective misbehavior. Because mobs are characterized by emotionality, we describe a framework that associates psychological components with individual agents comprising a crowd and yields emergent behaviors in the crowd as a whole. To explore the effectiveness of our framework we demonstrate two scenarios simulating the behavior of distinct mob types.

Autonomous agents, Crowd simulation, Crowd taxonomy, Mob behavior, OCC model, OCEAN personality model, PAD model, Simulation of affect, Autonomous agents, Personality modeling, Behavioral research