LBA I ceramics from Kinet Höyük Period 15 a statistical assessment of the cross-regional standardization of Hittite ceramics in Late Bronze Age Anatolia

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Bilkent University
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This project examines the LBA I ceramics from Kinet Höyük Period 15 contexts, which are marked by the introduction of Hittite material culture. It aims to understand to what extent ceramic production in Kinet follows the norms of Hittite pottery tradition. Chapter I introduces the site of Kinet Höyük, elaborates on archaeological contexts and reviews the historical narrations about the Hittite involvement in Kizzuwatna. Period 15 ceramics were unearthed from the partly exposed official building in trenches J/L, E/H, and C on the mound and Sounding R from LBA lower city. Chapter II engages in scholarly discussions and recent trends in ceramic studies in Hittite archaeology, alongside theoretical and methodological discussions about ceramic standardization in archaeological theory. Further, it examines written sources about pottery, potters, and crafts organization in the Hittite Kingdom. Chapter III and IV present material examination of ceramics regarding fabric, forms, production techniques and potmark applications. Chapter V compares Kinet Period 15 ceramics with the ceramics from central Anatolia and Cilicia. Statistical comparison with Hattusa ceramics from the recent excavations (Schoop, 2006; 2011; Gruber, 2017) and visual comparison focusing on forms, fabric, and production techniques with central Anatolia and Cilicia yield significant results. Firstly, fabric and forms from the Hittite ceramic repertoire dominate the Kinet Period 15 assemblage. Significantly, however, different functional vessel categories show different degrees of cross-regional standardization. For example, food preparation and serving vessels are statistically and visually very comparable with Hattusa ceramics. Nonetheless, cooking vessels show variation in form frequency and metrical parameters.

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Kinet Höyük, Late Bronze Age, Cilicia, Hittite pottery, Ceramic standardization
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