The elevator ride: in fact and fiction

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Bilkent University

The Elevator is the intersection of space, time, and sound. Space that designs a democratic communication and interaction among people from all walks of life, time that is amplified and in motion, and sound, that is in isolation. The focus of this study is to observe the function of elevators in fact and fiction. The actual physical experience of elevators will offer us facts about this mechanical ride, and the fantastical use of elevators in the fictional realm is a story of endless imagination. This paper is accompanied with visual artwork, in the form of a two channel video installation that presents the intervention of an artist, and a camera, inside an elevator.

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Includes bibliographical references (leaves 63-65).
Thesis (M.S.): Bilkent University, Department of Communication and Design, İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University, 2016
Elevators, Fact, Fiction, Film, Space, Time, Intervention