An analysis of manipulated information and respective alternative costs in information systems and in decision making structures

Güvenen O.
Öztürk, M.H.
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EISTA 2006 - 4th Int. Conf. on Education and Information Systems: Technologies and Applications, Jointly with SOIC 2006 - 2nd Int. Conf. on SOIC and PISTA 2006 - 4th Int. Conf. on PISTA, Proceedings
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International Institute of Informatics and Systemics, IIIS
149 - 154
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Today Information Technologies create base for the most important decision support systems for the practices in academia, business and politics. The effectiveness and success of operations that are supported by information systems are directly correlated with the quantity, accuracy, timing, credibility and the quality of the information that prevails in the system. Rapid development of these technologies in recent decades allows high level of information transaction and communication through the whole world. The quantity of information that flows through information systems has increased tremendously. New researches and technological applications in this area aim to improve the systems quantitatively. However, despite a huge and continuous increase in information flow, the quality and reliability of the information in the systems are doubtful from many perspectives. We believe that quality and reliability considerations in information technologies are not handled by researchers and users adequately. So in this research we decided to discuss about quality and reliability aspects of the information flow. To be able to evaluate the information from qualitative perspectives, we believe that it is crucial to handle the problem in science and especially in social sciences by endogenising socio-economic phenomena and science methodology approaches. We hope this work will create a stimulus for researchers of Information Technologies and Systems to give importance to the reliability and quality of information issues.

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Decision-support systems, Information distortion, Information reliability, Information technology, Modeling, Artificial intelligence, Decision support systems, Engineering education, Information technology, Models, Reliability, Research, Decision-making structure, Information distortion, Information reliability, Information technologies and systems, Information transaction, Quality of information, Science methodologies, Technological applications, Information systems
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