Analysing school-museum relations to improve partnerships for learning: A case study

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Türk Eğitim Derneği

Field trips to museums can improve student learning by providing them with opportunities to see first-hand concepts they learned in the classroom. Unfortunately, perceived and real barriers may discourage partnerships between schools and museums for education. The current paper describes how case study methodology was used to examine relations between a school and museums. Through this case study, a phenomenographic research approach was used to gain insights into museum educators and teachers’ perceptions and practices related to museum education. The research was conducted in Ankara, Turkey, involving teachers from a private school and seven staff from local museums. This study utilized quantitative data to support qualitative data. Through interviews, questionnaires, and an analytical framework, the results revealed the importance of identifying roles associated with museum education and strengthening pathways for communication. Based on the results of the study, the authors provide suggestions to improve partnerships between a school and local museums. One strategy is to identify a school staff member who serves as a liaison between the school and the museums, ensuring consistent communication and sharing of ideas. Future research ideas for consideration are identified

Analytical framework, Case study, Museum education, School-museum partnerships, School liaison