Analysis of daily activities of young people with cerebral palsy in their home environments

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Bilkent University

In this study the difficulties experienced by young people with cerebral palsy, their level of dependence and related emotions and the level of importance they attach to daily living activities in the home environments are examined and compared. The main purpose of this study is to analyze which activities are most difficult for young people with cerebral palsy and the relationship between difficulties in activities and body parts. Also, it aims to examine during which activities young people with cerebral palsy are more dependent on others and how they feel as a result of this dependence. Furthermore, it also aims to compare the importance level that young people with cerebral palsy give to the activities. The survey phase is conducted with 31 young people with cerebral palsy aged 15-24. Afterwards, separate interviews are held with six participants who volunteered to take part in this phase, who also answered the survey questions. Survey results reveal that young people with cerebral palsy experience varied levels of difficulty in different activities. Also, there is a relationship between difficulties in doing activities and difficulties they experience in different parts of their bodies. Moreover, difficulties in doing daily activities increased their dependence and different emotions occur because of this. Finally, the survey results show that the importance level that young people with cerebral palsy give to the daily activities shift. Interview results reveal that the reasons why young people with cerebral palsy cannot do or not do activities differ and these reasons are explained. Also, the emotions that occur because of being dependent on others and the adaptations that they made or want to make in their homes are discussed.

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Thesis (Master's): Bilkent University, Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University, 2022.
Includes bibliographical references (leaves 102-116).
Cerebral palsy, Mobility difficulties, Home environment, Daily living activities, Dependence