A historical analysis of consumer culture in Japan: Momoyama-Genroku (1573-1703)

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Bilkent University

Development of consumer culture between Momoyama and Genroku (1573-1703) in the Japanese history is discussed. During this period, there is a rising merchant class, urbanization, eroticism, increase in leisure activities, overconsumption of some goods and a great interest in clothes, fashion and luxury. Art objects are luxury goods which accompany the development of the hedonistic side of the consumer culture. Development of consumer culture is traced in the nature and content of the art works produced and consumed in the Genroku .lapan (Early Edo). As the consumption of clothes and other good widespread, so did consumption of massproduced wood-block prints. Hence, it is shown that consumer culture did not originate solely in the West.

Ankara : The Department of Management and Graduate School of Business Administration of Bilkent Univ., 1996.
Thesis (Master's) -- Bilkent University, 1996.
Includes bibliographical refences.
Consumption, Consumer Culture, Art Consumption, Japan, Momoyama, Tokugawa,, Genroku, Edo, Luxury, Urbanization