Air-guided photonic-crystal-fiber pulse-compression delivery of multimegawatt femtosecond laser output for nonlinear-optical imaging and neurosurgery

Lanin, A.
Fedotov, I. V.
Sidorov Biryukov, D. S.
Doronina Amitonova, L. V.
Ivashkina, O. I.
Zots, M. A.
Sun, C. K.
Ilday, F. O.
Fedotov, A. B.
Anokhin, K. V.
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AIP Publishing LLC

Large-core hollow photonic- crystal fibers (PCFs) are shown to enable a fiber-format air-guided delivery of ultrashort infrared laser pulses for neurosurgery and nonlinear-optical imaging. With an appropriate dispersion precompensation, an anomalously dispersive 15-mu m-core hollow PCF compresses 510-fs, 1070-nm light pulses to a pulse width of about 110 fs, providing a peak power in excess of 5 MW. The compressed PCF output is employed to induce a local photodisruption of corpus callosum tissues in mouse brain and is used to generate the third harmonic in brain tissues, which is captured by the PCF and delivered to a detector through the PCF cladding.

Picosecond pulses, Soliton output, Microscopy, Breakdown