Model-in-the-loop development for fuel cell vehicle

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In this paper, the work on developing and validating a model-in-the-loop (MIL) simulation environment for a group of prototype fuel cell vehicles is presented. The MIL model consists of a vehicle plant model and an integrated vehicle system controller model. First, the vehicle simulation plant model is functionally validated with a simple vehicle system controller (VSC) model and then improved to satisfy the input output interface and fidelity requirements. The developed MIL system is then verified for basic functionality against the simple VSC controller model and shows uniform correlation results. It is further validated against vehicle dynamometer test data and demonstrates satisfactory consistency. A rapid model building approach which is suitable for model-based controller design process was also discussed. This approach enabled the developers to use model-to-code algorithms unlike many comparable simulation models. © 2011 AACC American Automatic Control Council.

Date of Conference: 29 June-1 July 2011
Controller models, Fuel cell vehicles, Input-output interfaces, Integrated vehicle systems, Model-based controller, Plant model, Simulation environment, Simulation model, Test data, Vehicle simulation, Vehicle system controllers, Controllers, Fuel cells, Vehicles, Computer simulation