Ses, nefes, konuşma ve beden ilişkisi

Gökçer, Cüneyt
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Bilkent University
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The subject matters of this thesis are voice, breathing, speech and the effect of physical condition on all of them. The progress of the thesis is based on the progress of subjects in the first two years of the acting and diction education in a conservatory. “Voice and speech” being the main subjects, the purposes are to lay bare the meaning of the phrase “speaking correctly with the correct voice”, and to reveal what individuals need to do to realize this goal. Another point emphasized is that the body posture influences the voice and the speech in various ways. This thesis contains several methods to improve the negative results of physical defects and errors, and so, starts with the importance of speech for an individual, the definition of “the correct speech” and the obstacles encountered while working towards it. In the first chapter, the influence of the body posture on voice and speech, and the exercises necessary to shape the body to gain the proper form which will enable “the correct voice” are examined. In the second chapter, the importance of breathing, errors made while breathing, short information on the respiratory organs, how the respiratory system works and the exercises for “the correct breathing” are studied. Following this chapter, “the sound” itself is examined: how humans produce sound, introduction to vocal organs, the usage and improvement of “the voice”. In the section on articulation, information on the process of changing the sound -which gained volume and quality with the proper voice exercises- into speech, the common errors in this process, and some of the exercises necessary to correct them are given. In the last chapter on phonetics, the phonemes used in Turkish, their correct articulation rules, and sample exercises are introduced. The conclusion of this thesis is: Unless preliminary exercises to relax the body, to relieve the mind from stress, to use the breath in a correct and fruitful way, to gain new and correct the habits of transforming the breath into sound and further, masterfully transforming the sound into voice are performed, an individual: cannot have a correct, beautiful, dramatic and healthy speech; will have problems of self expression; and so he/she can achieve the necessary abilities only by performing the correct exercises with the required amount.

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voice, diction, speech, breathing
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