Post-occupancy evaluation on environmental quality in new development areas: the case of Eryaman

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Bilkent University

In this work, it is aimed to evaluate new development areas by means of four measures: appropriation of space, affordances of environment, allocation of functions and contribution by inhabitants. They are derived from three realms of discussion, which are societal organization, physical environment, and manenvironment interaction, after a study on components of built environment and historical evolution of these new development areas. A post-occupancy evaluation study is applied in Eryaman, a Mass Housing District in Ankara. As the result of this study, inadequecies of this kind of settlements are defined and some proposals for pre-planned districts are developed.

Ankara : Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design and Institute of Economics and Social Sciences, Bilkent Univ., 1996.
Thesis(Master's) -- Bilkent University, 1996.
Includes bibliographical references leaves 150-157.
Post-Occupacy Evaluation, Mass-Housing Districts, New Development Areas, Environmental Quality