Gaston Bachelard'ın psikanalitik yaklaşımıyla Ahmed Hâşim'in şiirlerinde ateş

Mignon, Laurent
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Bilkent University
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Gaston Bachelard, in his works “The Psychoanalysis of Fire” and “The Flame of a Candle” had established a correlation between fire, purity, plants and the complexes labeled as the Prometheus, Empedocles, Novalis and Hoffmann. It is convenient to explain the images and metaphors that are often seen and related with fire in Ahmed Hâşim‟s poems with Bachelard‟s so-called correlation. The complexes defined by Bachelard and other explanations about fire are fundamentally based on psychoanalytic interpretations. The signs of Prometheus complex in the images of Ahmed Hâşim‟s poems are observed in the form of deifying fire and/or other objects which signify fire. On the other hand, the Prometheus complex which is defined as” the Oedipus complex of the life of the intellect” by Bachelard, is seen in a different form in Ahmed Hâşim‟s poems as the violation of the policy of “Stay away from the fire!” which is Law of the Father, as well. The poetic images in Haşim‟s poems that are based on “rubbing”, “love” and “privacy” are basically explained according to the Novalis complex which asserts that fire comes out of a sexual rubbing. These concepts evoke “happiness” and “heat”, as well. The poetic images in which the beams of the sun reflected into the water- the sun is one of the objects that signify the firein Hâşim‟s poems are read as the sexual association of two essences; one of them is feminine and the other is masculine according to the Hoffmann complex. Whereas, it is especially focused on the transcendental and purifying features of the light in the images and metaphors of the poems in which the fire is idealized. The images that bring together fire and plants in Hâşim‟s poems could also be read by the thesis of Bachelard. For Bachelard, fire is vertical and anything vertical evokes fire. According to this argument, in Haşim‟s poems while trees signify fire, fruits of trees are described as the light which is the fruit of the fire. In a similar way, it is possible to explain all the images regarding fire in Haşim‟s poems with Bachelard‟s thesis. The aim of this thesis is to be a trial of analyzing the images and metaphors in Ahmed Hâşim‟s poems with Bachelard‟s concepts.

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psychoanalysis, fire, image, metaphor
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