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    A Research on excess of media in social life, its reflections on art, and its pictorial resolution
    (Bilkent University, 1994) Doğudan, Zeynep
    This thesis aims to investigate the overload situation of media, which causes changes in perceiving the external world directly. At the same time, the thesis discusses the reversed functions of mass media and the changes in social structure. In relation with the excess of media, the investigation of the changes in the area of art, is handled as a reflection and a critique of this new visual environment. The examinations and discussions about this research subject, constitutes a theoretical ground for my works.
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    Ephemerality in contemporary art
    (Bilkent University, 1999) Göktan, Zeynep Zeren
    In this study an aspect of “ephemerality” in contemporaiy art is analyzed. In this respect, while Land Art and Installation art are underlined in relation to a variety of concepts, like site-specificity, process, and evanescence, the notions of fragility, penetrability, and process are highlighted through the works of artists who may be said to take ephemerality in connection to their identity. Then, after noting ephemerality as the main framework, these concepts are traced in relation to my works.
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    Bodiless art
    (Bilkent University, 1999) Selen, Eser
    This research is derived from the notion of body in recent art, which may be thought within a concept of bodilessness. The aim of the study is to evaluate the answer(s) to the question “How is this bodilessness possible, if it is?”. During the study different genres of art will be discussed, examined and explored concerning both the researcher works and some contemporary artists' works, which deal with the ideas of the body. The works will be analyzed both in terms of their plastic language and by referring to psychoanalytic concepts in order to point to a way to show how the viewer/reader may experience this bodilessness as the consequence of these works.
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    The poetic geography
    (Bilkent University, 1999) Türkyılmaz, Mürüvvet
    In this study, Dada and Surrealism movements are analysed and compared with each other in accordance with historical, social, economical and political conditions. Especially, the techniques of Automatic Writing and Automatic Drawing in Surrealism movement are researched and explained the differences of usage in my works. Dada is analysed as an attitude and the relationship between Dada and my works are handled in the frame of his attitude. This attitude accepts art and life together. The influences of the I. World War bring the exploration of Dada. This exploration implies the feeling of isolation or loneliness in the fragmented geography. The similar conditions are seen n this century which people consume in faster span of life and which all borders have been passed on the map. At this point, Dada attitude and the attitude in my works are analysed on the same level.
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    Signification of the artwork in relation to its placement within space
    (Bilkent University, 1996) Özseçen, Ebru
    The goal of this thesis is to research the relationship between artwork and spaces. There are different approaches to the meaning that space and art work add to each other. These works come to life within the space in which they are produced. The title of this thesis represents the common attitude of all the art works presented here, that is their undeniable relationship with the space that they are produced in.
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    Use of screenprint to produce original art works by multiplying original images
    (Bilkent University, 1995) Sarıkartal, Zekiye
    Photography and screenprint constitute two important turning points throughout the history of printmaking. When photography freed printmaking from the task of producing analogues of reality, printmaking was sprung loose from its role subordinate to painting and sculpture. Printmaking has become a perfect medium to create images in which it is also shown that art and technology are combined in those images. Screenprint represents the entrance of mass culture and commercial values in the realm of art, especially with the use of photographic imagery in silkscreening process. In this study, after a historical survey of printmaking and photography, an account is given of the use of screenprint in art works from the 1950s up to the 1990s. Then, a detailed description is made of a work which is produced in the scope of this study in the light of the issues on photography and mechanical reproduction. Finally,, an evaluation is made on contemporary printmaking as far as the issues on originality and visual communication are concerned.
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    Content and form analyses within the frame of neo expressionist trend
    (Bilkent University, 1994) Tolun Okur, Elif F.
    This thesis is aimed at discussing neo-expressionism which has become one of the most prevailing forms of expression that is still popular since the 1980s. First the structure and progression of neo-expressionism is examined by looking at its past starting from expressionism that simultaneously showed up in various geographies including Turkey. Secondly within the neo-expressionism topics like form and discourse importation, the concept of patch while displaying the existing structure in Turkey on one hand, increased the readability of my paintings and stated the problematic of my studies.
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    Uses of the human body as the object of the artwork and its pictorial solutions
    (Bilkent University, 1993) Sağlam, Sefa
    This thesis tries to discuss the conditions of the relationship between art work and its producer together with the question of ‘outside’ of the artwork. This declaration is to discuss and to think about the artwork after the experience of making the artwork. The thesis is stated in a manner which opens the possibilities to analyze the representing and non-representing approach of the producer/painter during the experiencing process of painting, the act of creating a body. The theoretical usages consist of the attempt to construct a new way of evaluating the human body as an artwork. This wbrk/act of painting developed in the isolated field of the of artwork, therefore, tries to objectify the thoughts of the producer within her psycho- logical/physiological approach.
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    A pictorial representation within a postmodern manner
    (Bilkent University, 1992) Avşar, Vahap
    The thesis aims to analyze the postmodern debate which has been subject of intense debate in the western societies in particular. The thesis discusses the postmodern discourse, and constitutes a body of theoretical work for this writer's approach to art. Geographically, the postmodern discourse exposes an immense variety and has been investigated from the viewpoint of major theoreticians and of theoreticians from the so-called peripheries. Recent postmodern art has been central to this thesis. Following the examination of such works, the works of art of this writer are discussed in terms of speculations on what constitutes them and in what kind of discursive practise they establish themselves.