Design and determination of stator geometry for axial flux permanent magnet free rod rotor synchronous motor

Kalender O.
Ege, Y.
Nazlibilek, S.
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Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation
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1753 - 1760
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During designing a new axial flux permanent magnet free rod rotor synchronous motor, it is important to know before hand in which phase the largest angular velocity can occur, what is the ways to reduce the power consumption, how to achieve to increase or decrease the rotation speed by changing the core geometry. Therefore, presenting these preliminary information that are necessary for the design of a free rod rotor synchronous motor to the researchers is the aim of this work. In this respect, this study presents the design and geometrical dimensions of the stator for a new synchronous motor which is an axial flux permanent magnet free rod machine with three, four, five and six phases. This type of motors are an innovative approach especially for the applications used in industrial stirrers. Each type of stator is designed such that it has an appropriate number of phases. The rotating magnetic field over the stator is established by a PIC based microcontroller feeding the interface circuit to the stator wounds. The maximum angular speeds of bar magnet rotors with four different lengths and masses are calculated theoretically and determined experimentally. In addition, the effects of the distance between the rotor and stator, the angular speed of the rotor within the limits of the operation, and the volume of the liquid to be stirred to the power applied are investigated. Furthermore, the effects of the lengths and angular speeds of the bar magnet rotors to the distance between the rotor and stator are determined. In the light of the information obtained and taking into account the power used, the most appropriate parameters and variables such as the stator geometry changing with the phase used, the length of rotor, the distance between the rotor and stator and the angular speeds of rotor are determined. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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Rotating magnetic field, Rotor, Stator, Stirrer, Synchronous motors, Angular speed, Axial flux permanent magnet, Bar magnets, Geometrical dimensions, Innovative approaches, Interface circuits, Preliminary information, Rotating magnetic fields, Rotation speed, Stirrer, Design, Electric motors, Geometry, Logic circuits, Magnetic devices, Magnetic fields, Permanent magnets, Rotation, Rotors (windings), Speed, Stators, Synchronous motors
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