Hub location and Hub network design

Kara, Bahar Y.
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Bilkent University
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he hub location problem deals with finding the location of hub facilities and allocating the demand nodes to these hub facilities so as to effectively route the demand between origin–destination pairs. Hub location problems arise in various application settings in telecommunication and transportation. In the extensive literature on the hub location problem, it has widely been assumed that the subgraph induced by the hub nodes is complete. Throughout this thesis we relax the complete hub network assumption in hub location problems and focus on designing hub networks that are not necessarily complete. We approach to hub location problems from a network design perspective. In addition to the location and allocation decisions, we also study the decision on how the hub network must be designed. We focus on the single allocation version of the problems where each demand center is allocated to a single hub node. We start with introducing the 3-stop hub covering network design problem. In this problem, we aim to design hub networks so that all origin– destination pairs receive service by visiting at most three hubs on a route. Then, we include hub network design decisions in the classical hub location problems introduced in the literature. We introduce the single allocation incomplete p-hub median, hub location with fixed costs, hub covering, and p-hub center network design problems to the literature. Lastly, we introduce the multimodal hub location and hub network design problem. We include the possibility of using different hub links, and allow for different transportation modes between hubs, and for different types of service time promises between origin–destination pairs, while designing the hub network in the multimodal problem. In this problem, we jointly consider transportation costs and travel times, which are studied separately in hub location problems presented in the literature. Computational analyses with all of the proposed models are presented on the various instances of the CAB data set and on the Turkish network.

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