Analysis of Residential lighting in Poland: Results from a winter term survey


In 2020, an international project on residential lighting started and was implemented in four countries (Poland, Sweden, UK and Turkey). This article presents the results of a survey carried out in Poland, in the winter term between November 2020 and January 2021. A total of 125 Polish residents (59 women, 65 men, one person did not wish to specify gender) participated in the survey. A variety of data was collected on the respondents and their assessments as well as on their satisfaction with day- and artificial lighting in residential living spaces. The results from questionnaires were analyzed with STATISTICA 13.3. Descriptive statistics and Spearman rank order correlations were adopted to identify the light-related aspects, lighting patterns, and respondents’ perception of day- and artificial lighting conditions in living areas. The results revealed that satisfaction with daylighting in the living area, both in summer and winter, was significantly correlated with daylighting level, daylighting uniformity, sunlight exposure and view-out. The results also revealed that satisfaction with artificial lighting was significantly correlated with artificial lighting level, artificial lighting uniformity and color rendering. The results provide valuable information on lighting and factors that influence the luminous environment in residential living spaces.

Lighting technology, Interior lighting, Residential lighting, Daylighting, Artificial lighting, Survey