Numerical diffraction synthesis of 2-D quasioptical power splitter


A new diffraction synthesis method is proposed for computing quasioptical 2-D reflector beam splitters in the E-polarization case. It is a combination of a numerical gradient (NG) optimization and an efficient analysis method based on singular integral equations (SIEs) which are discretized using a fast and accurate numerical Nystrom-type method of discrete singularities (MDS). The results of design are shown for a 40-quasioptical power splitter obtained from an offset parabolic reflector fed by in-focus beam source.

Date of Conference: 9-15 June 2007
Conference name: 2007 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium
Diffraction, Electromagnetic scattering, Integral equations, Electromagnetic radiation, Mathematics, Europe, Power engineering and energy, Optimization methods, Moment methods, Geometry