Integral imaging using phase-only LCoS spatial light modulators as Fresnel lenslet arrays

Ÿontem, A. O.
Onural, L.
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Optical Society of Amercia

We present a digital integral imaging system. A Fresnel lenslet array pattern is written on a phase-only LCoS spatial light modulator device (SLM) to replace the regular analog lenslet array in a conventional integral imaging system. We theoretically analyze the capture part of the proposed system based on Fresnel wave propagation formulation. Because of pixelation and quantization of the lenslet array pattern, higher diffraction orders and multiple focal points emerge. Because of the multiple focal planes introduced by the discrete lenslets, multiple image planes are observed. The use of discrete lenslet arrays also causes some other artifacts on the recorded elemental images. The results reduce to those available in the literature when the effects introduced by the discrete nature of the lenslets are omitted. We performed simulations of the capture part. It is possible to obtain the elemental images with an acceptable visual quality. We also constructed an optical integral imaging system with both capture and display parts using the proposed discrete Fresnel lenslet array written on a SLM. Optical results when self-luminous objects, such as an LED array, are used indicate that the proposed system yields satisfactory results.

Display devices, Imaging systems, Light emitting diodes, Light modulation, Wave propagation, Elemental images, Focal Plane, Focal points, Fresnel, Higher diffraction order, Integral imaging, Integral imaging systems, LED arrays, Lenslet array, Lenslets, Multiple image, Phase-only, Pixelation, Spatial light modulators, System-based, Visual qualities, Light modulators