Fresnel lamb wave and V-groove lenses with tunable mode selectivity


The Lamb wave and V-groove lenses are distinguished by their high surface wave excitation efficiencies. However, due to the fixed incidence angle, a particular lens can only be used for materials having surface wave velocities within a limited range. Hence, it is desirable to have lenses with adjustable incidence angle. Conventional spherical lenses implemented in Fresnel planar lens form have been demonstrated earlier. In this work, Lamb wave and V-groove lenses constructed as Fresnel lenses are presented. We also discuss the feasibility of Fresnel lenses with air as the coupling medium. It is shown that it is possible to build air coupled Fresnel lenses with a reasonable conversion efficiency into subsurface waves.

Date of Conference: 7-10 November 1995
Conference Name: 1995 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium
Geometry, Surface waves, Surfaces, Ultrasonic transducers, Acoustic wavelength, Fresnel lamb wave lens, V groove lenses, Lenses