Ionic current inversion in pressure-driven polymer translocation through nanopores

Buyukdagli, S.
Blossey, R.
Ala-Nissila, T.
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American Physical Society

We predict streaming current inversion with multivalent counterions in hydrodynamically driven polymer translocation events from a correlation-corrected charge transport theory including charge fluctuations around mean-field electrostatics. In the presence of multivalent counterions, electrostatic many-body effects result in the reversal of the DNA charge. The attraction of anions to the charge-inverted DNA molecule reverses the sign of the ionic current through the pore. Our theory allows for a comprehensive understanding of the complex features of the resulting streaming currents. The underlying mechanism is an efficient way to detect DNA charge reversal in pressure-driven translocation experiments with multivalent cations. © 2015 American Physical Society.

Electrostatics, Ions, Polymers, Statistical mechanics, Charge fluctuations, Charge reversal, Many-body effect, Multivalent cations, Multivalent counterions, Polymer translocation, Pressure-driven, Streaming current, DNA, cation, DNA, electrolyte, chemical model, chemistry, hydrodynamics, nanopore, static electricity, Cations, DNA, Electrolytes, Hydrodynamics, Models, Chemical, Nanopores, Static Electricity