Electrochemical investigations of ion transport in unconventional environments

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Bilkent University
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Ion transport is a critical process that occurs routinely in all electrochemical devices. Especially the new generation batteries extensively utilized in portable devices, Li-Ion batteries, operate simply through Li+ transport. Although, a multitude of similar energy storage and conversion devices are prevalent in both the industry and the electrochemical literature, these devices are not the only technologies that ion transport is critical. Other technologies such as electrochromic devices, organic electronics and next generation display panels also involve electrochemical processes that are inherently dependent on or limited by ion transport. Conventional electrochemical methods enable interrogation of the various interfaces these devices possess however limited information on the behavior of the concentrated-like media investigated in this thesis compared to the well documented behavior of the dilute media, limits their applicability. In this thesis we not only offer investigations on possible esoteric materials that have unique ion transport properties that show emergent behavior in the systems they are employed at through fundamental electrochemical studies but also we outline the development of new electroanalytical tools to better interrogate ion transport in variety of electrochemical systems. The attempts at understanding and explaining the ion transport in various media and to leverage its benefits towards better devices is outlined. Electrochemical noise measurements for Li-Ion batteries is shown as a potential tool for ion transport interrogation, while the ion transport behavior of Liquid Crystals and Ionic Liquids are investigated. A new electroanalytical tool to separate counter ion diffusion from electron transfer is also shown. Finally, an electrochemical method to visualize corrosion that utilizes ion transport is outlined in this thesis.

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Electrochemistry, Electroanalytical Tools, Ionic Liquids, Liquid Crystals, H2 permeation, Electrochemical Noise
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