Increasing the sensitivity of the scanning acoustic microscope to anisotropy

buir.contributor.orcidAtalar, Abdullah|0000-0002-1903-1240
dc.contributor.authorAtalar, Abdullahen_US
dc.coverage.spatialDenver, Colorado, USAen_US
dc.departmentDepartment of Electrical and Electronics Engineeringen_US
dc.descriptionDate of Conference: 14-16 October 1987en_US
dc.descriptionConference Name: 1987 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposiumen_US
dc.description.abstractThe response of the scanning acoustic microscope to anisotropic materials is theoretically investigated. For this purpose, the reflection coefficient of plane acoustic waves incident on a liquid-anisotropic-solid interface is calculated. The reflection coefficient depends, in general, on polar and azimuthal angles of incidence. For the acoustic microscope case, a mean reflectance function can be defined which depends only on the polar angle, because there is a circular symmetry. With this mean reflectance function it is possible to explore the effects of changing the lens parameters such as the acoustic field at the back side of the lens. It is found that the response of the scanning acoustic microscope can depend heavily on the orientation of the solid material under investigation, provided that a suitable lens insonification is utilized. The amplitude of the acoustic microscope signal is influenced by the orientation of the material, because there is an interference between the acoustic waves reflected from the material surface at different azimuthal angles. This interference is revealed as a minimum in the mean reflectance function. It is shown by computer simulation that sensitivity to orientation can be increased by use of a ring-shaped transducer in the near field of the acoustic lens. With such lenses, it may be possible to determine the orientation of crystallites in a material.en_US
dc.source.titleProceedings of the 1987 IEEE Ultrasonics Symposiumen_US
dc.subjectAcoustic wavesen_US
dc.subjectUltrasonic wavesen_US
dc.subjectAnisotropic nisotropic materialsen_US
dc.subjectLiquid-solid interfaceen_US
dc.subjectScanning acousting microscopeen_US
dc.subjectSound wave reflectionen_US
dc.titleIncreasing the sensitivity of the scanning acoustic microscope to anisotropyen_US
dc.typeConference Paperen_US
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