An investigation on multimedia language laboratory in Turkish state universities

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Bilkent University
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This study aims to investigate students’, teachers’, and administrators’ attitudes towards the use of multimedia language laboratories (MLLs) at Turkish state universities. The study also explores the factors that affect the respective stakeholders’ attitudes towards using MLLs in English language instruction. A further aim of this study is to reveal the reported use of MLLs in Turkish EFL context and the reasons of teachers for not using them. This study was carried out with 510 EFL learners, 61 instructors, and five administrators at 16 state universities in Turkey. The data were collected through questionnaires, interviews, and emails. The questionnaires were administrated in the aim of eliciting the attitudes of the students and teachers towards the use of MLLs in English classes. Similarly, the qualitative data obtained from the interviews conducted with the administrators and email correspondence with instructors revealed how the directors of Schools of Foreign Languages perceive MLLs and how they promote the use of this technology, and instructors’ reported reasons for not utilizing MLLs for language teaching purposes. The results of the study indicated that students, teachers, administrators are positive in general to the integrating MLLs into language teaching and learning. One-way ANOVA test conducted showed that age is an important factor in students’ liking MLLs, and the type of the software used in MLLs is a key determinant of teachers’ positive overall attitudes towards the MLL use. The study also revealed certain issues to be considered for a successful integration of MLLs in English language teaching.

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Multimedia language laboratory (MLL), Computer assisted language learning (CALL), Technology in ELT
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