OLSR-aware distributed channel access scheduling for wireless mesh networks


In this paper, we present OA-TDMA (OLSR-Aware TDMA), a TDMA based cross-layer channel access scheduling scheme which uses the information collected by the OLSR routing protocol. In OA-TDMA, each node makes decisions in a distributed manner with no central control, using the local information disseminated by the OLSR protocol. The distinctive feature of the OA-TDMA protocol lies in its weighting scheme where OA-TDMA approximates the traffic passing through each node by using the local topology information collected by OLSR. Our simulations on ns-2 confirm the significant performance improvement achieved by the combination of OLSR and OATDMA over other scheduling schemes considered in this paper. ©2009 IEEE.

Date of Conference: 5-8 April 2009
Conference name: 2009 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference
Cross-layer approach, Distributed scheduling, MAC, OLSR, TDMA, Cross-layer approach, Distributed scheduling, MAC, OLSR, TDMA, Information use, Real time systems, Routing protocols, Scheduling, Telecommunication networks, Wireless local area networks (WLAN), Wireless telecommunication systems, Time division multiple access