Design and software implementation of library functions for electronic circuit simulation

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Bilkent University

In this thesis, the software implementation of “SIMLIB” , a library of electronic circuit simulation, is described. The building blocks of a circuit simulator, namely, input parser, types of analyses, methods and matrix solvers are discussed. The algorithms and some special techniques employed in this library, as well as ways of modifying the program are explained. SIMLIB has become a good environment for the researchers to try гınd develop new ideas on circuit simulation.

Ankara : Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and Institute of Engineering and Sciences, Bilkent University, 1994.
Thesis (Master's) -- -Bilkent University, 1994.
Includes bibliographical references.
Computer-Aided Design, Electronic circuit simulation, SPICE, AWE, AC ainalysis, DC analysis, Transient analysis, Newton-Raphson iteration, Trapezoidal approximation, Matrices, C-f-+ programming language.