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dc.contributor.authorBarshan Billuren_US
dc.description.abstractA novel, flexible, three-dimensional (3-D) multi-sensor sonar system is employed to localize the center of a spherical target and estimate its radius of curvature. The interesting limiting cases for the problem under study are the point and planar targets, both of which are important for the characterization of a mobile robot's environment. A noise model is developed based on real sonar data. An extended Kalman filter (EKF) which incorporates the developed noise model is employed as an estimation tool for optimal processing of the sensor data. Simulations and experimental results are provided for specularly reflecting cylindrical targets.en_US
dc.source.titleProceedings - IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automationen_US
dc.subjectComputer simulationen_US
dc.subjectData processingen_US
dc.subjectKalman filteringen_US
dc.subjectMathematical modelsen_US
dc.subjectMobile robotsen_US
dc.subjectParameter estimationen_US
dc.subjectSpurious signal noiseen_US
dc.subjectThree dimensionalen_US
dc.subjectCurvature estimationen_US
dc.subjectMultisensor sonar systemen_US
dc.subjectNoise modelen_US
dc.subjectSpherical targetsen_US
dc.subjectSensor data fusionen_US
dc.titleLocation and curvature estimation of 'spherical' targets using a flexible sonar configurationen_US
dc.typeConference Paperen_US
dc.publisherIEEE, Piscataway, NJ, United Statesen_US

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