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    • Politics of re-building hegemony and the subject in post-1997 Turkey 

      Taş, Hakkı (Bilkent University, 2011)
      This study aims to analyze the interrelation between hegemony and the subject within the case of the February 28 process, which refers to the military’s long-term project to reshape the Turkish social and political system ...
    • Portrait of a Turkish social democrat : İsmail Cem 

      Örmeci, Ozan (Bilkent University, 2011)
      İsmail Cem (1940-2007) was a Turkish intellectual and social democratic politician who spent his life investigating the characteristics and problems of Turkish modernization and social democratic solutions to these ...
    • Typology of the center-right in Turkey 

      Osmanbaşoğlu, Gülsen Kaya (Bilkent University, 2014)
      This dissertation analyzes the center-right in Turkey regarding its domestic politics and discourse through three main parameters which are democracy, state and secularism. A set of theoretical explanations helps to delve ...