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  • On the Levy-Raikov-Marcinkiewicz Theorem 

    Ostrovskii, I.; Ulanovskii, A. (Elsevier, 2003-02-01)
    Let μ be a finite non-negative Borel measure. The classical Lévy-Raikov-Marcinkiewicz theorem states that if its Fourier transform μ̂ can be analytically continued to some complex half-neighborhood of the origin containing ...
  • On the Levy-Raikov-Marcinkiewicz theorem 

    Ostrovskii, I.; Ulanovskii, A. (Elsevier, 2004-08-01)
    Let μ be a finite non-negative Borel measure. The classical Lévy-Raikov-Marcinkiewicz theorem states that if its Fourier transform μ̂ can be analytically continued to some complex half-neighborhood of the origin containing ...
  • Dilations of some VH-spaces operator valued invariant kernels 

    Gheondea, A. (Springer Verlag, 2012)
    We investigate VH-spaces (Vector Hilbert spaces, or Loynes spaces) operator valued Hermitian kernels that are invariant under actions of *-semigroups from the point of view of generation of *-representations, linearizations ...
  • Integrable discrete systems on R and related dispersionless systems 

    Blaszak, M.; Gurses, M.; Silindir, B.; Szablikowski, B. M. (American Institute of Physics, 2008)
    A general framework for integrable discrete systems on ℝ, in particular, containing lattice soliton systems and their q-deformed analogs, is presented. The concept of regular grain structures on R, generated by discrete ...
  • Pauli algebraic forms of normal and non-normal operators 

    Tudor, T.; Gheondea, A. (Optical Society of America, 2007)
    A unified treatment of the Pauli algebraic forms of the linear operators defined on a unitary linear space of two dimensions over the field of complex numbers C1 is given. The Pauli expansions of the normal and nonnormal ...
  • AdS waves as exact solutions to quadratic gravity 

    Gullu, I.; Gurses, M.; Sisman, T. C.; Tekin, B. (American Physical Society, 2011-04-08)
    We construct the anti-de Sitter-plane wave solutions of generic gravity theory built on the arbitrary powers of the Riemann tensor and its derivatives in analogy with the pp-wave solutions. In constructing the wave solutions ...
  • Waring's problem for Beatty sequences and a local to global principle 

    Banks, W. D.; Guloglu, A.; Vaughan, R. C. (, 2014-04-07)
    We investigate in various ways the representation of a large natural number N as a sum of s positive k-th powers of numbers from a fixed Beatty sequence. Inter alia, a very general form of the local to global principle is ...
  • A local version of the Pawlucki-Plesniak extension operator 

    Altun, M.; Goncharov, A. (Elsevier, 2005-01)
    Using local interpolation of Whitney functions, we generalize the Pawłucki and Pleśniak approach to construct a continuous linear extension operator. We show the continuity of the modified operator in the case of generalized ...
  • Easily monitored entagled state 

    Can, M. A.; Klyachko, A.; Shumovsky, A. (American Institute of Physics, 2002-12-23)
    We discuss the generation and monitoring of durable atomic entangled state via Raman-type process, which can be used in the quantum information processing. (C) 2002 American Institute Of Physics.
  • Random walks on symmethric spaces and inequalities for matrix spectra 

    Klyachko, A. (Elsevier, 2000-11-01)
    Using harmonic analysis on symmetric spaces we reduce the singular spectral problem for products of matrices to the recently solved spectral problem for sums of Hermitian matrices. This proves R.C. Thompson’s conjecture ...
  • On construction of recursion operators from Lax representation 

    Gurses, M.; Karasu, A.; Sokolov, V. V. (American Institute of Physics, 1999-12)
    In this work we develop a general procedure for constructing the recursion operators for nonlinear integrable equations admitting Lax representation. Several new examples are given. In particular, we find the recursion ...
  • Set covering and Serre's theorem on the cohomology algebra of a p-group 

    Yalcin, E. (Elsevier, 2001-11-1)
    We define a group theoretical invariant, denoted by s(G), as a solution of a certain set covering problem and show that it is closely related to chl(G), the cohomology length of a p-group G. By studying s(G) we improve the ...
  • Dynamical Systems and Poisson Structures 

    Gurses, M.; Guseinov, G. Sh.; Zheltukhin, K. (American Institute of Physics, 2009)
    We first consider the Hamiltonian formulation of n=3 systems, in general, and show that all dynamical systems in ℝ3 are locally bi-Hamiltonian. An algorithm is introduced to obtain Poisson structures of a given dynamical ...
  • On contractibility of th orbit space of a G-poset of Brauer pairs 

    Barker, L. (Elsevier, 1999-02-15)
    Given ap-blockbof a finite groupG, we show that theG-poset of Brauer pairs strictly containing (1,b) has contractibleG-orbit space. A similar result is proved for certainG-posets ofp-subgroups. Both results generalise P. ...
  • Poisson structure of dynamical-systems with 3 degrees of freedom 

    Gumral, H.; Nutku, Y. (American Institute of Physics, 1993)
    It is shown that the Poisson structure of dynamical systems with three degrees of freedom can be defined in terms of an integrable one-form in three dimensions. Advantage is taken of this fact and the theory of foliations ...
  • Reducts of random hypergraphs 

    Thomas, S. (Elsevier, 1996-08-05)
    For each k > 1, let rk be the countable universal homogeneous k-hypergraph. In this paper, we shall classify the closed permutation groups G such that AUt(rk ) < G < &vn(rk). In particular, we shall show that there exist ...
  • Second-order second-degree Painleve equations related with Painleve I-IV equations and Fuchsian-type transformations 

    Mugan, U.; Sakka, A. (American Institute of Physics, 1999-07)
    One-to-one correspondence between the Painlevé I-VI equations and certain second-order second-degree equations of Painlevé type is investigated. The transformation between the Painlevé equations and second-order second-degree ...
  • Some identities and asymptotics for characters of the symmetric group 

    Klyachko, A.; Kurtaran, E. (Elsevier, 1998-08-15)
  • Analytic and asymptotic properties of generalized Linnik probability densities 

    Erdogan, M. B.; Ostrovskii, I. V. (Elsevier, 1998-01-15)
    This paper studies the properties of the probability density function pα,ν,n(x) of the n-variate generalized Linnik distribution whose characteristic function φα,ν,n(t) is given by where {norm of matrix}t{norm of matrix} ...
  • Boundary Value Problems for Integrable equations compatible with the symmetry algebra 

    Gurel, B.; Gurses, M.; Habibullin, I. (American Institute of Physics, 1995)
    Boundary value problems for integrable nonlinear partial differential equations are considered from the symmetry point of view. Families of boundary conditions compatible with the Harry-Dym, KdV, and mKdV equations and ...

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