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    • Carving event and episodic memory at their Joints 

      Keven, Nazım (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
      Mahr & Csibra (M&C) argue that event and episodic memories share the same scenario construction process. I think this way of carving up the distinction throws the baby out with the bathwater. If there is a substantive ...
    • An Enquiry into Sufi Metaphysics 

      Aranyosi, E. U. (2012)
      The fact that Sufi metaphysics is usually taken to be merely the writings of Islamic philosophers, like Ibn al-'Arabi, seems to underestimate the philosophical indications of literary texts in the Sufi tradition. When Sufi ...
    • Locke, Labor and Emancipation 

      Steinvorth, U. (2010)
      In the first part of the paper, I describe the role labour, under conditions no longer existent, played for the perfection of individuals in Locke's political philosophy. Or to use a more up-to-date term, I describe labour's ...