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    • Baby-Sit: Towards a situation-theoretic computational environment 

      Tın, Erkan; Akman, Varol (Elsevier, 1994)
    • Background subtraction with a moving camera 

      Topçu O.; Kalem, Aslıhan; Esen, E. (IEEE, 2013)
      Moving object segmentation with a nonstationary camera is a difficult problem due to the motion of both camera and the object. A moving object segmentation method is proposed in this work to be used in pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) ...
    • Balanced parallel sort on hypercube multiprocessors 

      Abali, B.; Özgüner, F.; Bataineh, A. (IEEE, 1993)
      A parallel sorting algorithm for sorting n elements evenly distributed over Zd = p nodes of a d-dimensional hypercube is presented. The average running time of the algorithm is O( (n log n)/p + p log2 n). The algorithm ...
    • Beyond tradition and modernity: digital shadow theater 

      Güdükbay U.; Erol, F.; Erdogan, N. (M I T Press, 2000)
    • Bilkent news portal: A personalizaba system with new event detection and tracking capabilities 

      Can F.; Kocberber, S.; Baglioglu O.; Kardas, S.; Ocalan H.C.; Uyar, E. (2008)
      [No abstract available]
    • Bilkent University at TRECVID 2005 

      Aksoy, S.; Avci, A.; Balçik, E.; Çavuş Ö.; Duygulu P.; Karaman, Z.; Kavak P.; Kaynak, C.; Küçükayvaz, E.; Öcalan Ç.; Yildiz P. (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2005)
      We describe our second-time participation, that includes one high-level feature extraction run, and three manual and one interactive search runs, to the TRECVID video retrieval evaluation. All of these runs have used a ...
    • Bilkent university at TRECVID 2006 

      Aksoy, S.; Duygulu P.; Akçay G.; Ataer, E.; Baştan, M.; Can, T.; Cavuş Ö.; Doǧgrusöz, E.; Gökalp, D.; Akaydin, A.; Akoǧlu L.; Angin P.; Cinbiş G.; Gür, T.; Ünlü, M. (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2006)
      We describe our third participation, that includes one high-level feature extraction run, and two manual and one interactive search runs, to the TRECVID video retrieval evaluation. All of these runs have used a system ...
    • Bilkent University at TRECVID 2007 

      Aksoy, S.; Duygulu P.; Aksoy, C.; Aydin, E.; G̈unaydin, D.; Hadimli, K.; Koç L.; Olgun, Y.; Orhan, C.; Yakin G. (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2007)
      We describe our fourth participation, that includes two high-level feature extraction runs, and one manual search run, to the TRECVID video retrieval evaluation. All of these runs have used a system trained on the common ...
    • Bilkent University Multimedia Database Group at TRECVID 2008 

      Kucuktunc O.; Bastan, M.; Gudukbay, U.; Ulusoy O. (National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2008)
      Bilkent University Multimedia Database Group (BILMDG) participated in two tasks at TRECVID 2008: content-based copy detection (CBCD) and high-level feature extraction (FE). Mostly MPEG-7 [1] visual features, which are also ...
    • Bilkent-RETINA at retrieving diverse social images task of MediaEval 2014 

      Saraç, Mustafa İlker; Duygulu Pınar (CEUR-WS, 2014-10)
      This paper explains the approach proposed by Bilkent - RETINA team for the Retrieving Diverse Social Images task of MediaEval 2014 [1]. We develop a framework which rst removes outliers using one-class support vector ...
    • BilKristal 2.0: a tool for pattern information extraction from crystal structures 

      Okuyan, E.; Güdükbay U. (Elsevier BV, 2014-01)
      We present a revised version of the BilKristal tool of Okuyan et al. (2007). We converted the development environment into Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 in order to resolve compatibility issues. We added multi-core CPU ...
    • BilKristal 4.0: A tool for crystal parameters extraction and defect quantification 

      Okuyan, E.; Okuyan, C. (Elsevier, 2015)
      In this paper, we present a revised version of BilKristal 3.0 tool. Raycast screenshot functionality is added to provide improved visual analysis. We added atomic distance analysis functionality to assess crystalline ...
    • Bilvideo-7: an MPEG-7-compatible video indexing and retrieval system 

      Baştan M.; Çam, H.; Güdükbay U.; Ulusoy, Ö. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2010-07)
      BilVideo-7 is an MPEG-7-compatible, distributed, video indexing and retrieval system that supports complex multimodal queries in a unified framework.
    • BilVideo: a video database management system 

      Dönderler, M. E.; Şaykol, E.; Ulusoy, Ö.; Güdükbay U. (IEEE, 2003)
      The BilVideo video database management system provides integrated support for spatiotemporal and semantic queries for video. BilVideo can support any application with video data searching needs. It's query language provides ...
    • BilVideo: Design and implementation of a video database management system 

      Dönderler, M. E.; Şaykol, E.; Arslan, U.; Ulusoy, Ö.; Güdükbay U. (Springer, 2005)
      With the advances in information technology, the amount of multimedia data captured, produced, and stored is increasing rapidly. As a consequence, multimedia content is widely used for many applications in today's world, ...
    • The BioPAX community standard for pathway data sharing 

      Demir, E.; Cary, M. P.; Paley, S.; Fukuda, K.; Lemer, C.; Vastrik, I.; Wu, G.; D'Eustachio, P.; Schaefer, C.; Luciano, J.; Schacherer, F.; Martinez-Flores, I.; Hu, Z.; Jimenez-Jacinto, V.; Joshi-Tope, G.; Kandasamy, K.; Lopez-Fuentes, A. C.; Mi, H.; Pichler, E.; Rodchenkov, I.; Splendiani, A.; Tkachev, S.; Zucker, J.; Gopinath, G.; Rajasimha, H.; Ramakrishnan, R.; Shah, I.; Syed, M.; Anwar, N.; Babur, Ö.; Blinov, M.; Brauner, E.; Corwin, D.; Donaldson, S.; Gibbons, F.; Goldberg, R.; Hornbeck, P.; Luna, A.; Murray-Rust, P.; Neumann, E.; Reubenacker, O.; Samwald, M.; Iersel, Martijn van; Wimalaratne, S.; Allen, K.; Braun, B.; Whirl-Carrillo, M.; Cheung, Kei-Hoi; Dahlquist, K.; Finney, A.; Gillespie, M.; Glass, E.; Gong, L.; Haw, R.; Honig, M.; Hubaut, O.; Kane, D.; Krupa, S.; Kutmon, M.; Leonard, J.; Marks, D.; Merberg, D.; Petri, V.; Pico, A.; Ravenscroft, D.; Ren, L.; Shah, N.; Sunshine, M.; Tang R.; Whaley, R.; Letovksy, S.; Buetow, K. H.; Rzhetsky, A.; Schachter, V.; Sobral, B. S.; Dogrusoz, U.; McWeeney, S.; Aladjem, M.; Birney, E.; Collado-Vides, J.; Goto, S.; Hucka, M.; Novère, Nicolas Le; Maltsev, N.; Pandey, A.; Thomas, P.; Wingender, E.; Karp, P. D.; Sander, C.; Bader, G. D. (Nature Publishing Group, 2010)
      Biological Pathway Exchange (BioPAX) is a standard language to represent biological pathways at the molecular and cellular level and to facilitate the exchange of pathway data. The rapid growth of the volume of pathway ...
    • A blind adaptive decorrelating detector for CDMA systems 

      Ulukus, S.; Yates, R.D. (1998)
      The decorrelating detector is known to eliminate multiaccess interference when the signature sequences of the users are linearly independent, at the cost of enhancing the Gaussian receiver noise. In this paper, we present ...
    • Block SOR for Kronecker structured representations 

      Buchholz, P.; Dayar, Tuğrul (Elsevier, 2004)
      The Kronecker structure of a hierarchical Markovian model (HMM) induces nested block partitionings in the transition matrix of its underlying Markov chain. This paper shows how sparse real Schur factors of certain diagonal ...
    • Block SOR preconditioned projection methods for Kronecker structured Markovian representations 

      Buchholz P.; Dayar T. (SIAM, 2005)
      Kronecker structured representations are used to cope with the state space explosion problem in Markovian modeling and analysis. Currently, an open research problem is that of devising strong preconditioners to be used ...
    • Bluetooth broadcasting performance: reliability and throughput 

      Dogan, K.; Gurel, G.; Kamci, K. A.; Korpeoglu, I. (Springer Verlag, 2006)
      This paper studies the performance of Bluetooth broadcasting scheme. The transmission of a Bluetooth broadcast packet is repeated several times to increase the reliability of broadcast. We have analyzed the effects of ...