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    • Partitioning models for scaling parallel sparse matrix-matrix multiplication 

      Akbudak K.; Selvitopi, O.; Aykanat, Cevdet (Association for Computing Machinery, 2018-04)
      We investigate outer-product--parallel, inner-product--parallel, and row-by-row-product--parallel formulations of sparse matrix-matrix multiplication (SpGEMM) on distributed memory architectures. For each of these three ...
    • Partitioning sparse matrices for parallel preconditioned iterative methods 

      Uçar, B.; Aykanat, Cevdet (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2007)
      This paper addresses the parallelization of the preconditioned iterative methods that use explicit preconditioners such as approximate inverses. Parallelizing a full step of these methods requires the coefficient and ...
    • Patern recognition in remote sensing 

      Aksoy, S.; Younan, N. H.; Bruzzone, L. (Elsevier BV, 2010-07-15)
    • A path-quality-aware peer-to-peer file sharing protocol for mobile ad-hoc networks: Wi-Share 

      Karasabun, Efe; Ertemür, Doğuş; Sarıyıldız, Seyhun; Tekkalmaz, Metin; Körpeoğlu, İbrahim (IEEE, 2009-09)
      Peer-to-peer networks are rather well-studied and currently there are numerous systems based on peer-to-peer principles running on the Internet. On the other hand peer-to-peer networks for mobile ad-hoc networks have ...
    • Pathway activity inference using microarray data 

      Babur, Özgün; Demir, Emek; Ayaz, Aslı; Doğrusöz, Uğur; Sakarya, Onur (Bilkent Center for Bioinformatics (BCBI), 2004)
      Motivation: Microarray technology provides cell-scale expression data; however, analyzing this data is notoriously difficult. It is becoming clear that system-oriented methods are needed in order to best interpret this ...
    • PathwayMapper: a collaborative visual web editor for cancer pathways and genomic data 

      Bahceci, I.; Dogrusoz, U.; La, K. C.; Babur, O.; Gao, J.; Schultz, N. (Oxford University Press, 2017)
      While existing network visualization tools enable the exploration of cancer genomics data, most biologists prefer simplified, curated pathway diagrams, such as those featured in many manuscripts from The Cancer Genome Atlas ...
    • PATIKA: An informatics infrastructure for cellular networks 

      Aksay, Çağrı; Ayaz, Aslı; Babur, Özgün; Bilgin, C.; Çetintaş, Ahmet; Çivril, Ali; Çolak, Recep; Çözen, G.; Demir, Emek; Doğrusöz, Uğur; Erson, Zeynep; Gerdaneri, Ozan; Giral, Erhan; Güleşır, Gürcan; Nişancı, Gürkan; Sakarya, O.; Yıldırım, Hilmi (ISCB Org, 2004)
      The PATIKA Project aims for an informatics infrastructure to cope with the inherently complex cellular pathway data and provides software tools with sophisticated visualization technology around a central database using ...
    • PATIKA: an integrated visual environment for collaborative construction and analysis of cellular pathways 

      Demir, Emek; Babur, Özgün; Doğrusöz, Uğur; Gürsoy, Atilla; Nişancı, Gürkan; Çetin Atalay, Rengül; Öztürk, Mehmet (American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology(ASBMB), 2002-09)
    • PATIKA: an integrated visual environment for collaborative construction and analysis of cellular pathways 

      Demir, Emek; Babur, Özgün; Doğrusöz, Uğur; Gürsoy, Atilla; Nişancı, Gürkan; Çetin Atalay, Rengül; Öztürk, Mehmet (Oxford University Press, 2002-06)
      Motivation: Availability of the sequences of entire genomes shifts the scientific curiosity towards the identification of function of the genomes in large scale as in genome studies. In the near future, data produced about ...
    • PATIKAmad: putting microarray data into pathway context 

      Babur, Özgün; Colak, Recep; Demir, Emek; Doğrusöz, Uğur (Wiley - V C H Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, 2008-06)
      High-throughput experiments, most significantly DNA microarrays, provide us with system-scale profiles. Connecting these data with existing biological networks poses a formidable challenge to uncover facts about a cell's ...
    • PATIKAweb: a Web interface for analyzing biological pathways through advanced querying and visualization 

      Doğrusöz, Uğur; Erson, E. Zeynep; Giral, Erhan; Demir, Emek; Babur, Özgün; Çetintaş, Ahmet; Çolak, Recep (Oxford University Press, 2006-02-01)
      Summary: PATIKAweb provides a Web interface for retrieving and analyzing biological pathways in the PATIKA database, which contains data integrated from various prominent public pathway databases. It features a user-friendly ...
    • PATIKAweb: a Web service for querying, visualizing and analyzing a graph-based pathway database 

      Aksay, Çağrı; Arık, Fatma; Ataer, Esra; Ayaz, Aslı; Babur, Özgün; Belviranlı, Mehmet E.; Çetintaş, Ahmet; Çolak, Recep; Çözen, G.; Demir, Emek; Dilek, Alptuğ; Doğrusöz, Uğur; Giral, Erhan; Kaya, Engin; Küçük, Evren; Tekin, A. S.; Yıldırım, Hilmi; Erson, Zeynep (ISCB Org, 2005-06)
      PATIKAweb provides a Web service for retrieving and analyzing biological pathways in PATIKA database, which currently contains data integrated from popular public pathway databases like Reactome. It features a user-friendly ...
    • PaToH (Partitioning tool for hypergraphs) 

      Çatalyürek, Ümit V.; Aykanat, Cevdet (Springer, 2011)
    • Pattern information extraction from crystal structures 

      Okuyan, E.; Güdükbay, Uğur; Gülseren, O. (Elsevier BV, 2007)
      Determining the crystal structure parameters of a material is an important issue in crystallography and material science. Knowing the crystal structure parameters helps in understanding the physical behavior of material. ...
    • Peachy parallel assignments (EduPar 2019) 

      Öztürk, Özcan; Glick, B.; Mache, J.; Bunde, D. P. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2019)
      Peachy Parallel Assignments are a resource for instructors teaching parallel and distributed programming. These are high-quality assignments, previously tested in class, that are readily adoptable. This collection of ...
    • A peer-to-peer file search and download protocol for wireless ad-hoc networks 

      Sözer, H.; Tekkalmaz, M.; Korpeoglu, I. (Elsevier BV, 2009-01)
      Deployment of traditional peer-to-peer file sharing systems on a wireless ad-hoc network introduces several challenges. Information and workload distribution as well as routing are major problems for members of a wireless ...
    • Peer-to-peer overlay in mobile ad-hoc networks 

      Castro, M. C.; Kassler, A. J.; Chiasserini, C. F.; Casetti, C.; Körpeoğlu, İbrahim (Springer US, 2010)
      Wireless multi-hop networks such as mobile ad-hoc (MANET) or wireless mesh networks (WMN) have attracted big research efforts during the last years as they have huge potential in several areas such as military communications, ...
    • Perception of 3-D Surfaces from 2-D Contours 

      Ulupinar F.; Nevatia, R. (1993)
      Inference of 3-D shape from 2-D contours in a single image is an important problem in machine vision. We survey classes of techniques proposed in the past and provide a critical analysis. We propose that two kinds of ...
    • Perceptual 3D rendering based on principles of analytical cubism 

      Arpa, S.; Bulbul, A.; Capin, T.; Ozguc, B. (Pergamon Press, 2012-12)
      Cubism, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque, was a breakthrough in art, influencing artists to abandon existing traditions. In this paper, we present a novel approach for cubist rendering of 3D synthetic environments. ...
    • A perceptual approach for stereoscopic rendering optimization 

      Bulbul, A.; Cipiloglu, Z.; Capin, T. (Pergamon Press, 2010)
      The traditional way of stereoscopic rendering requires rendering the scene for left and right eyes separately; which doubles the rendering complexity. In this study, we propose a perceptually-based approach for accelerating ...