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Logistic cellular automata31188
Monetary policy in a Two–Agent New Keynesian (TANK) model with two sectors31186
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The influence of virtual reality on design process creativity in basic design education31163
Investigating the mechanisms of telomere maintenance in zebrafish tissues and human brain cancer cell lines31158
Coloring for distributed-memory-parallel Gauss-Seidel algorithm31154
Temperature dependent density profiles and collective oscillations of dipolar droplets31153
Electrically unbiased and half frequency driven waterborne 16×16-element 2-D phased array CMUT31150
Synthesis & characterization of modified mesoporous LiMn2-xCoxO4 thin films as water oxidation electrocatalysts31149
Lyotropic liquid crystalline mesophases from acid-salt-surfactant systems: synthesis and characterization of mesoporous LiMPO4 (M=Mn(II),Fe(II),Co(II) AND Ni(II))31149