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    • Audiovisual associations alter the perception of low-level visual motion 

      Kafaligonul H.; Oluk, C. (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2015)
      Motion perception is a pervasive nature of vision and is affected by both immediate pattern of sensory inputs and prior experiences acquired through associations. Recently, several studies reported that an association can ...
    • Chronic pain and selective attention to pain arousing daily activity pictures: Evidence from an eye tracking study 

      Mahmoodi-Aghdam M.; Dehghani M.; Ahmadi M.; Banaraki A.K.; Khatibi A. (Iran University of Medical Sciences, 2017)
      Introduction: According to the pain research literature, attentional bias for pain is the mechanism responsible for the development and maintenance of fear of pain in patients with chronic pain. However, there is still ...
    • Neural correlates of acquired color category effects 

      Clifford, A.; Franklin, A.; Holmes, A.; Drivonikou V.G.; Özgen, E.; Davies I.R.L. (2012)
      Category training can induce category effects, whereby color discrimination of stimuli spanning a newly learned category boundary is enhanced relative to equivalently spaced stimuli from within the newly learned category ...