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    • Design and implementation of a tool for teaching programming 

      Göktepe, Mesut (Bilkent University, 1988)
      In this thesis, a survey on computer applications for teaching programming and some graphical programming tools together with their underlying environments has been carried out and a graphical Pascal teaching tool ...
    • Text, image, graphics editor 

      Coşar, Ahmet (Bilkent University, 1988)
      The editor proposed in this study can manipulate textual, graphics and image data in a unified way. Each data type can be edited individually or dependencies can be set up between various data items so that modifying one ...
    • User interfaces for computer-aided architectural design 

      Kulaksız, Aygün (Bilkent University, 1993)
      The rapidly developing technology of the twentieth century has transformed the general use of computers into a specific, convenient, and necessary tool for professionals. As in each profession, they are also used by ...