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    • Adsorption site of alkali metal overlayers on Si(001) 2 × 1 

      Batra, I. P.; Çıracı, Salim (1992)
      The alkali metal semiconductor interfaces are currently being investigated by a variety of tools. Most studies to date at half a monolayer coverage have shown preference for either a quasi-hexagonal (H) site or a long-bridge ...
    • Atomic-scale tip-sample interactions and contact phenomena 

      Çıracı, Salim (1992)
      Tip-sample interactions become crucial owing to increased overlap at small tip-sample separation. The potential barrier collapses before the point of maximum attraction on the apex of the tip, but the effective barrier may ...
    • Ballistic transport and tunneling in small systems 

      Tekman, A Erkan (Bilkent University, 1990)
      Ballistic transport and tunneling of electrons in mesoscopic systems have become one of the most important subjects of condensed matter physics. The quantum point contacts and scanning tunneling microscope form the basic ...