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    • High power K-band GaN on SiC CPW monolithic power amplifier 

      Cengiz O.; Sen O.; Ozbay, E. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2014)
      This paper presents a high power amplifier at K-band (20.2-21.2 GHz). The AlGaN/GaN CPW MMIC amplifier is realized with 0.25 μm HEMT process on 2-inch semi-insulating SiC substrate. The amplifier has a small signal gain ...
    • Radiation properties of sources inside photonic crystals 

      Bulu, İrfan (Bilkent University, 2003)
      The control of spontaneous emission is an important problem both in basic and applied physics. Two main problems arise in the control of emission: enhancement or suppression and angular confinement of radiation. In this ...
    • Unidirectional transmission in photonic-crystal gratings at beam-type illumination 

      Cakmak, A.O.; Colak, E.; Serebryannikov, A.E.; Ozbay, E. (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2010)
      Unidirectional transmission is studied theoretically and experimentally for the gratings with one-side corrugations (non-symmetric gratings), which are based on two-dimensional photonic crystals composed of alumina rods. ...