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    • Model boson fluid with disorder in the self-consistent field approximation 

      Yurtsever, A.; Tanatar, B. (2001)
      We study the ground-state properties of a model neutral boson fluid in the presence of disorder effects. The effective interaction between the bosons is obtained through the self-consistent field method which renormalizes ...
    • Rich complex behaviour of self-assembled nanoparticles far from equilibrium 

      Ilday S.; Makey G.; Akguc G.B.; Yavuz O.; Tokel O.; Pavlov I.; Gülseren O.; Ömer Ilday F. (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
      A profoundly fundamental question at the interface between physics and biology remains open: what are the minimum requirements for emergence of complex behaviour from nonliving systems? Here, we address this question and ...