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    • Acquired expression of transcriptionally active p73 in hepatocellular carcinoma cells 

      Sayan, A. E.; Sayan, B. S.; Findikli, N.; Ozturk, M. (Nature Publishing Group, 2001)
      p53 and p73 proteins activate similar target genes and induce apoptosis and cell cycle arrest. However, p53, but not p73 is considered a tumour-suppressor gene. Unlike p53, p73 deficiency in mice does not lead to a ...
    • Expression of TAP73 and ΔNP73 in malignant gliomas 

      Ugur, H.; Sayan, A. E.; Ozdamar, S. O.; Kanpolat, Y.; Ozturk, M. (Spandidos Publications Ltd., 2004)
      The p73 gene is able to encode transcriptionaly active TAp73, as well as a dominant-negatively acting ΔNp73 transcript isoforms. We studied differential expression of these forms in normal brain as well as glial tumors, ...