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    • Page-to-processor assignment techniques for parallel crawlers 

      Türk, Ata (Bilkent University, 2004)
      In less than a decade, the World Wide Web has evolved from a research project to a cultural phenomena effective in almost every facet of our society. The increase in the popularity and usage of the Web enforced an increase ...
    • Parallel image restoration 

      Malas, Tahir (Bilkent University, 2004)
      In this thesis, we are concerned with the image restoration problem which has been formulated in the literature as a system of linear inequalities. With this formulation, the resulting constraint matrix is an unstructured ...
    • Storage and access schemes for aggregate query processing on road networks 

      Demir, Engin (Bilkent University, 2009)
      A well-known example of spatial networks is road networks, which form an integral part of many geographic information system applications, such as locationbased services, intelligent traveling systems, vehicle telematics, ...