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    • Improved InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes with a p-GaN/n-GaN/p-GaN/n-GaN/p-GaN current-spreading layer 

      Zhang, Z.-H.; Tan, S.T.; Liu W.; Ju, Z.; Zheng, K.; Kyaw, Z.; Ji, Y.; Hasanov, N.; Sun X.W.; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2013)
      This work reports both experimental and theoretical studies on the InGaN/GaN light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with optical output power and external quantum efficiency (EQE) levels substantially enhanced by incorporating ...
    • Low thermal-mass LEDs: Size effect and limits 

      Lu, S.; Liu W.; Zhang, Z.-H.; Tan, S.T.; Ju, Z.; Ji, Y.; Zhang X.; Zhang, Y.; Zhu, B.; Kyaw, Z.; Hasanov, N.; Sun X.W.; Demir, Hilmi Volkan (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2014)
      In this work, low thermal-mass LEDs (LTM-LEDs) were developed and demonstrated in flip-chip configuration, studying both experimentally and theoretically the enhanced electrical and optical characteristics and the limits. ...
    • Understanding the plasmonic properties of dewetting formed Ag nanoparticles for large area solar cell applications 

      Günendi, M.C.; Tanyeli I.; Akgüç G.B.; Bek, A.; Turan, R.; Gülseren O. (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2013)
      The effects of substrates with technological interest for solar cell industry are examined on the plasmonic properties of Ag nanoparticles fabricated by dewetting technique. Both surface matching (boundary element) and ...