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    • Development of a WEB application 

      Kaya, Koray Doğan (Bilkent University, 2011)
      microRNAs, small non-coding RNA molecules with important roles in cellular machinery, target mRNAs for silencing by binding generally to their 3’ UTR sequences via partial base complementation. Thus, microRNAs with ...
    • NEON-A script-based software framework for querying cellular pathways 

      Nişancı, Gürkan (Bilkent University, 2003)
      A cellular pathway can be defined briefly as a readable abstraction of events by human happening in the cell. With the PATIKA project, our aim was to model and store vast amount of cellular pathway data in a centralized ...
    • Recoding the nautical archaeology : virtual museum of underwater cultural heritage 

      Varinlioğlu, Güzden (Bilkent University, 2011)
      The preservation of underwater cultural heritage requires the availability and access to data produced by nautical archaeology alongside tools for analysis, visualization and communication. Although numerous archaeological ...