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    • OTAP Ottoman archives internet interface 

      Şahin, E.; Adigüzel H.; Duygulu P.; Kalpakli, M. (2012)
      Within Ottoman Text Archive Project a web interface to aid in uploading, binarization, line and word segmentation, labeling, recognition and testing of the Ottoman Turkish texts has been developed. It became possible to ...
    • Processing the manuscripts of Atatürk 

      Soysal, T.; Adigüzel H.; Öktem, A.; Haman, A.; Can, E. F.; Duygulu, P.; Kalpakli, M. (2010)
      In this paper, as a first step to an easy and convenient way to access the manuscripts of Atatürk with a word based search engine, the preprocessing of digitalized documents and their line and word segmentation is studied. ...