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    • Angiogenic peptide nanofibers repair cardiac tissue defect after myocardial infarction 

      Rufaihah, A. J.; Yasa, I. C.; Ramanujam, V. S.; Arularasu, S. C.; Kofidis, T.; Güler, Mustafa O.; Tekinay, A. B. (Acta Materialia Inc, 2017)
      Myocardial infarction remains one of the top leading causes of death in the world and the damage sustained in the heart eventually develops into heart failure. Limited conventional treatment options due to the inability ...
    • Antiangiogenic response after 70% hepatectomy and its relationship with hepatic regeneration and angiogenesis in rats 

      Dogrul, A.B.; Colakoglu, T.; Kosemehmetoglu, K.; Birben, E.; Yaman, E.; Gedikoglu G.; Abbasoglu O. (2010)
      Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the antiangiogenic response and its relation to regeneration and angiogenesis after 70% hepatectomy in a rat model. Methods: Sixty-four Wistar albino rats were included in ...
    • Fluence of thulium laser system in skin ablation 

      Bilici, T.; Tabakoğlu, O.; Kalaycıoğlu, Hamit; Kurt, A.; Sennaroglu, A.; Gülsoy, M. (IEEE, 2010)
      Tm:YAP laser system at power levels up to 1.2 W at 1980 nm was established in both continuous-wave and modulated modes of operation. The fluence effect of the laser system for skin ablation was analyzed by histology analysis ...