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    • Compound Hertzian chain model for copper-carbon nanocomposites' absorption spectrum 

      Kokabi, A.; Hosseini, M.; Saeedi, S.; Moftakharzadeh, A.; Vesaghi, M.A.; Fardmanesh, M. (2011)
      The infrared range optical absorption mechanism of carbon-copper composite thin layer coated on the diamond-like carbon buffer layer has been investigated. By consideration of weak interactions between copper nanoparticles ...
    • Decompositional analysis of Kronecker structured Markov chains 

      Bao, Y.; Bozkur, I. N.; Dayar, T.; Sun, X.; Trivedi, K. S. (Kent State University, 2008)
      This contribution proposes a decompositional iterative method with low memory requirements for the steadystate analysis ofKronecker structured Markov chains. The Markovian system is formed by a composition of subsystems ...
    • An ontology-based approach to parsing Turkish sentences 

      Temizsoy, Murat; Çiçekli, ilyas (Springer, 1998-10)
      The main problem with natural language analysis is the ambiguity found in various levels of linguistic information. Syntactic analysis with word senses is frequently not enough to resolve all ambiguities found in a sentence. ...