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    • Burst-mode thulium all-fiber laser delivering femtosecond pulses at a 1 GHz intra-burst repetition rate 

      Elahı, P.; Kalaycıoğlu, H.; Akçaalan, Ö.; Şenel, Ç.; Ilday, F. Ö. (Optical Society of America, 2017)
      We report on the development of, to the best of our knowledge, the first ultrafast burst-mode laser system operating at a central wavelength of approximately 2 μm, where water absorption and, consequently, the absorption ...
    • Thin film MoS2 nanocrystal based ultraviolet photodetector 

      Alkis, S.; Öztaş, T.; Aygün L.E.; Bozkurt F.; Okyay, Ali Kemal; Ortaç, B. (Optical Society of American (OSA), 2012)
      We report on the development of UV range photodetector based on molybdenum disulfide nanocrystals (MoS2-NCs). The inorganic MoS2- NCs are produced by pulsed laser ablation technique in deionized water and the colloidal ...