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    • Semi-automatic video object segmentation 

      Esen, Ersin (Bilkent University, 2000)
      Content-based iunetionalities form the core of the future multimedia applications. The new multimedia standard MPEG-4 provides a new form of interactivity with coded audio-visual data. The emerging standard MPEG-7 specifies ...
    • Utilization of improved recursive-shortest-spanning-tree method for video object segmentation 

      Tuncel, Ertem (Bilkent University, 1997)
      Emerging standards MPEG-4 and MPEG-7 do not standardize the video object segmentation tools, although their performance depends on them. There are a lot of still image segmentation algorithms in the literature, like ...
    • Video object segmentation for interactive multimedia 

      Ekmekçi, Tolga (Bilkent University, 1998)
      Recently, trends in video processing research have shifted from video compression to video analysis, due to the emerging standards MPEG-4 and MPEG-7. These standards will enable the users to interact with the objects in ...