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    • But some books are still bad 

      Savile, Anthony (1989)
    • Cultural Bases for Self-Evaluation: Seeing Oneself Positively in Different Cultural Contexts 

      Becker, M.; Vignoles, V. L.; Owe, E.; Easterbrook, M. J.; Brown, R.; Smith, P. B.; Bond, M. H.; Regalia, C.; Manzi, C.; Brambilla, M.; Aldhafri, S.; González, R.; Carrasco, D.; Cadena, M. P.; Lay, S.; Gallo I. S.; Torres, A.; Camino L.; Özgen E.; Güner, Ü.E.; Yamakoğlu, N.; Lemos, F. C. S.; Trujillo, E. V.; Balanta, P.; Macapagal, M. E. J.; Ferreira, M. C.; Herman, G.; de Sauvage, I.; Bourguignon, D.; Wang, Q.; Fülöp, M.; Harb, C.; Chybicka, A.; Mekonnen, K. H.; Martin, M.; Nizharadze, G.; Gavreliuc, A.; Buitendach J.; Valk, A.; Koller, S. H. (SAGE Publications Inc.SAGE, 2014)
      Several theories propose that self-esteem, or positive self-regard, results from fulfilling the value priorities of one's surrounding culture. Yet, surprisingly little evidence exists for this assertion, and theories differ ...
    • Değer ve Farabi 

      Türker Küyel, Mübahat (1974)
    • Hafız Mustafa confectionery 

      Ateeq, Muhammad; Hannan, Abdullah; Khan, Taha; Khan, Muhammad Ali; Ali, Fardeen (Bilkent University, 2020)
      This research paper focuses on the Hafiz Mustafa Confectionery and argues that the confectionery was influential and inspirational in different ways. It argues that the success and popularity that the confectionery achieved ...
    • Opposite ends of the same stick? Multi-method test of the dimensionality of individualism and collectivism 

      Taras, V.; Sarala, R.; Karakitapoğlu-Aygün, Z.; Kashima, E. S.; Kolstad, A.; Milfont, T. L.; Oetzel, J.; Okazaki, S.; Probst, T. M.; Sato, T.; Shafiro, M.; Singelis, T. M.; Schwartz, S. J.; Sinclair, H. C.; Muchinsky, P.; Kemmelmeier, M.; Avsec, A.; Coon, H. M.; Dinnel, D. L.; Gardner, W.; Grace, S.; Hsu, S.; Johnson, J.; Hardin, E. E. (Sage, 2014-01)
      The construct of individualism–collectivism (IND-COL) has become the definitive standard in cross-cultural psychology, management, and related fields. It is also among the most controversial, in particular, with regard ...
    • Self-construals and values in different cultural and socioeconomic contexts 

      Imamoǧlu, E. O.; Karakitapoğlu-Aygün, Z. (2004)
      In this study the authors investigated (a) how individuational and relational self-orientations, as well as self-directed and other-directed values, are related to one another, and (b) how these self- and value orientations ...
    • Sosyal bilimler ve partizanlık 

      Balanuye, Çetin (2000)
    • Values and risk perception : a cross-cultural examination 

      Güvenç, Gülbanu (Bilkent University, 2008)
      The purpose of this thesis is to examine the relationship between individual values and risk perception of terror attacks. This relationship is examined via a study employing university students from Turkey (n = 536) ...
    • Values and risk perceptions: a cross-cultural examination 

      Kaptan, G.; Shiloh, S.; Önkal, D. (Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, 2013)
      This article examines the relationship between values and risk perceptions regarding terror attacks. The participants in the study are university students from Turkey (n = 536) and Israel (n = 298). Schwartz value theory ...