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    • Information and preference reversals in lotteries 

      Bakır, N. O.; Klutke, G-A. (Elsevier, 2011)
      Several approaches have been proposed for evaluating information in expected utility theory. Among the most popular approaches are the expected utility increase, the selling price and the buying price. While the expected ...
    • Receding horizon control of mixed line flow shop systems 

      Gokbayrak, K. (2011)
      We consider reliable mixed line flow shop systems that are composed of controllable and uncontrollable machines. These systems are assumed to receive arrivals at random instants and process jobs deterministically in the ...
    • Value of supplier's capacity information in a two-echelon supply chain 

      Bakal, İ. S.; Erkip, N.; Güllü, R. (2011)
      In traditional supply chain models it is generally assumed that full information is available to all parties involved. Although this seems reasonable, there are cases where chain members are independent agents and possess ...